The DRCongo is a large country located in the central Africa bordered by 9 countries and is the second largest country in the Africa after Algeria and the largest in central Africa. The country has ten provinces plus the capital city of Kinshasa eleven provinces. The constitution has amended to split the country in 25 provinces plus the capital city of Kinshasa which make 26 provinces. The DRCongo is a large country with millions people around 81 millions which make him the 4th most populated in Africa

In DRCongo we have around 250 tribes but 80% are made of Bantu. The largest are

  • Mongo
  • Luba
  • Mangbetu-azande
  • Bakongo

Non Bantu represents 18%

  • Gilima
  • Momo
  • Adamawa

And a Small represent of pygmies 2%

Regarding all the people we may thing that it can be impossible to communicate among the people however everybody speak French which make the DRCongo the largest country which speak french after France. In addition to this DRCongo has 4 national Language

  • Lingala
  • Swahili
  • Tshiluba
  • Kikongo

Getting there

The DRCongo has international airports

  • N'Djili International Airport (Kinshasa)
  • Goma International Airport (Goma)
  • Bangoka International Airport (Kisangani)
  • Lubumbashi International Airport (Lubumbashi)

Some International flights have direct flights to some of the above international Airports : Ethiopians Airlines, KLM, Rwandair, Brussels Airlines, etc.

You can also access the DRCongo through International Airport of neighbor countries such as : Kigali International Airport, Entebbe International Airport, Bujumbura International Airport, Maya–Maya International Airport, etc.

Visa information

Foreign Nationals wishing to obtain DRCongo Visas, have to submit their applications to Congolese Embassies or Diplomatic Missions of their Country of residence. For visiting Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park, you can get a tourist visa through a Trusted Tour Operator and/or Travel Agencies


The Congolese franc is the currency of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You can use the USD everywhere in the DRCongo, but make sure you have new bills and without any cuts or tears, only series above 2009 are accepted. In many places ATMs give USD.